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Why Choose SEL Tiger TMT :-

Tiger Bond with RCC -
The unique rib design gives maximum Rib Area (AR) value, ensuring a strong, long-lasting Tiger Bond with cement (concrete).
Fire & Corrosion Resistant -
The combined chemistry of steel and advanced quenching process makes S-E-L Tiger TMT Re-Bar fire and corrosion resistant.
Strength and Ductility -
S-E-L Tiger TMT Re-Bar's combination of high strength and superior ductility make it suitable for construction of residential, commercial and infrastructure projects.
Earthquake Resistant -
Balanced proportion of Carbon and Manganese for better bendability to resist earthquakes.
Weldability -
S-E-L Tiger TMT Re-Bar can be easily welded into desired shapes without producing any defects leading to smoother surface conditions and lower thermal conductivity.
Purity -
S-E-L Tiger TMT Re-Bar ensures the highest level of purity.
Bendability & Rebendability -
S-E-L Tiger TMT Re-Bar offers better bendability, re-bendability and ease of cutting.
Quality -
The consistent quality of S-E-L Tiger TMT Re-Bar makes it apt for all construction needs.